An excursion to Mupfure river

Chegutu is my home. Going to Mupfure river is a popular excursion among the youths mainly due to lack of any other recreational activity. So today I decide to get a taste of it, Nkulu and Kudzi were my companions and guides lol. The excursion includes a tour of the train bridge, old Chinhoyi road bridge and Mupfure gardens.

We left the ghetto just after 3 pm and embarked  on the journey (which is done by foot). We followed the train tracks through the flyover. Under the flyover where some interesting amateur graffiti. It really reminded me of my time in primary school when we used to have a lot of fun walking on rail tracks competing on the last person to fall on the single rail track.

On the way we met groups of young people coming from the train bridge evidence of its popularity. There nothing much to see along the way and we mostly enjoyed talking about childhood memories. I took us an hour to reach the bridge. The place proved too scary for me as such we only hanged there for a short while and took very few photos. The other groups of people there made it extremely uncomfortable as such we crossed over began the walk to the old bridge.


We passed through a beautiful forest going to the old bridge. We enjoyed the peace and the birds singing. We got lost as the foot path was grassy and we had a reached a maize field and cattle kraal. We then came across a homestead where Nkulu was nearly attacked by a ferocious dog. It was at this homestead where we got directed on the correct path to the old bridge which people in that area call foot bridge.


We had the bridge to ourselves and we really enjoyed the bikers who came on the bridge despite the obvious hazard of failing to control the bicycle and falling into the water. The site of the train bridge from a distance was magnificent as well as that of the new Chinhoyi road bridge. We rounded the excursion by visiting Mupfure Gardens and what a nice place it is.

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